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The Love Witch by Matt Latham

The Love Witch by Matt Latham

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In an age when studio films, straight-to-streaming releases, and television have become so homogenized as to be indistinguishable from one another, a fiercely independent filmmaker named Anna Biller reached back to classic techniques and thematic concerns to create an instant classic. With The Love Witch, Biller made a radical statement about how far off the path modern filmmaking approaches have taken contemporary cinema. In showing us what we've lost, Biller shows us what is still to be gained.

When filmmaker Matt Latham saw The Love Witch, he fell in love with Biller's style, approach, and story sensibilities. His fascination with the film bordered on obsession, which he now unpacks and analyzes in this exploration of how the film's distinct style reinforces its deceptively complex themes. Love and seduction have never been more horrifying—or so rewarding.

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Photo of Matt Latham, author and filmmaker

Matt Latham was a kid who loved movies deeply. He grew up to work as a film editor in Los Angeles. After seeing a bit too much of how the sausage is made, he started to fall out of love with movies. He is now just a man who is trying to fall back into deep love with movies again.