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Sleepaway Camp by BJ and Harmony Colangelo

Sleepaway Camp by BJ and Harmony Colangelo

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Sleepaway Camp is a seminal slasher film for its summer camp themes and unlikely killer, but its final moments are what arguably helped the film forge its way as one of the most important slashers of the 1980s.  

Together, the Wives Colangelo assess where Sleepaway Camp falls in the slasher canon and do a deep dive on the film's queer themes and legacy, both the positive and negative, that have kept audiences talking about Angela Baker and Camp Arawak after all these years.

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Photo of authors BJ and Harmony Colangelo

BJ and Harmony Colangelo are writers and film analysts from Los Angeles by way of Cleveland, Ohio. Their work, individually and collectively, has been published in Fangoria magazine, The AV Club,, Autostraddle, Vulture, Shudder, Bloody Disgusting, Daily Dead, Dread Central, Certified Forgotten, /Film, and The Daily Dot. BJ has been featured in the books Hidden Horror 101, When Animals Attack, Evil Seeds, and Creepy Bitches, while Harmony is the author of the book A Year of Queer Cocktails. BJ has also been featured as a panelist on El Rey Network's "Top 5," and spoke at San Diego Comic-Con in 2019 on the "Queer Fear" legacy panel discussion of LGBTQ+ themes in horror. The wives host the popular podcast This Ends At Prom, which analyzes coming-of-age themes for young women across all film genres, and can both be seen in the Queer for Fear documentary series on Shudder.